Monday, August 17, 2009

First Year of Teaching

Fairfield Magnet School for Math and Science:
What an amazing opportunity for learning and growing! In the picture you will see my fellow fifth grade teachers with me at the zoo for our school field trip. As I finish the year I can't help but to focus on everything I have learned.
Each person taught me something. My students taught me how to be a better teacher. To focus on what their strengths are and ellaborate their learning based on those individual strengths. That is why we learned our multiplication based on Smart Shorties rap cd. We had a wonderful time trying to find different ways to learn some tough math concepts throughout the year. The other fifth grade teachers taught me so much just by example. Helping me see how working together really can unite a team of teachers to make a wonderful school year.
Although I am sad to see that I am not going to return to FMSMS this next year I do know that all that I have learned has made me focus on becoming the teacher I know I am. I also found that resources are your best friend so I hope the following websites can be put to use from you fellow teachers out there.

Great Math Websites
-used for games for students to practice multiplication
-great teacher resources as well
-used to manipulate quadrilaterals
-also great math visual dictionary
-math games
-math problems
-great site for interactive lesson plans (loved pulling things
up on the promethean board from here)
-wonderful ideas for any standard for math
-kids math games
-worksheets for timed drills
-lesson plans
-worksheet printables
-Register students for world math day on March 4th
-I noticed such an improvement in students Math scores when we started using this program!
-great site to find lessons complete with activities
-site used for math games (organized in groups to better find subject)
-This site has AWESOME games that students love
-Math Man, balloon fruit pop, etc.
-Not only for math
-Look at it and explore
-Has math minutes, DLR
-Already created Jeopardy games for all subject areas based on standards :)
-great ideas shared on one website
-found the Indian method to teach GCF and LCM
-Very helpful site
-printable certificates and cards
-very quick and easy to use, not to mention ADORABLE!
-games and worksheets
-broken into math operations
-multiplication songs
-plays songs online for free
-I used the GCF calculator check
Hope it's helpful :)

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